Monday, 16 January 2017

Hmm new things

Yes I am alive
Yes I still paint/play 
No I never get to do as much of the top two as I would like! 

I got a new app on my phone hopping this will make my blogging easier as I take most of my pics on my phone.

Picked up some Malifaux Pigs on the cheap. You know what... Never thought I would paint a pig army but my god it was fun and quick! Using the furymethod thought out and started playing around with pigments and water effect. 

Ulix pig crew leader. Cannot take all the credit on this one. When I got him, the base colours were done, not in the normal sense. He used a light undercoat then inked the block colours. Well then I said to myself, I will just do some light touches and dip him! 

More of the crew, will do a new post for these guys. 

Well theses fine specimens have nothing to do with furymethod. I have had this ogre team for a bit over 20years. Never really painted it until now. This is old school highlights, blending and lining. Now just need to get my mojo back on free hand for the final details. 

Well this is a collection of minis from the last few months so the projects do very. My other little hobby is vintage RC cars. This little guy has pride and place in my grasshopper rebuild. The helmet is done with tamiya high gloss white from the can (note you really have to undercoat Matt white first). Tamiya gloss black then went to work on the face like my ogres. 

At the Newcastle Legion buy sell swap you pic up all sorts of things... This AoS KHORNE champion. My lord this is a nice mini. He went straight to the head of the line. Nothing but furymethod here men. He took me less than 1 1/2 hrs. Still more work to do like make the weapons pop.

Well that's the general nature of it. When I get some more time I will do a blow by blow on the ogres, car and some of me pigs!! 

Friday, 1 July 2016

Back into it. 
I blame Gav for the following. He sold me some Aleph for infinity. Because of reasons I have explained before, I don't get much time to paint. Now I have painted an entire army crisp white it took over 9 years. My mighty Warhammer Empire army. After that...never again. 
So the problem. Crisp white using the fury method. Below are the results. Not crisp crisp but still smooth and nice. 

1: Undercoat Army Painter Grey (Rattle can)
2: Dry brush Ghost Grey mix with a 1/3 white
3: Work a bit of pure white to the edges
4: Line glow building up to white
5: Dip (paint on with a brush) Light Oak
6: Matt Varnish 
7: Touch ups
Dakini Bot. This was my test peice. Came up nice. I am using a different wood varnish Light Oak (photo to come). 

Deva with combi Rifle. She came up really well. The glow is turquoise lining (lining is just what it suggest. In every line you want darker put a dark paint/ink). Then I go over in two steps adding more white each one. This done before the dip is applied. Mini shown is after dip.

Nagus Hacker 

Nagus sniper

Dakini bot 

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Infinity Dip

This was a tutorial I did on the Infinity Australia Facebook page. 

It really sums up what the Fury Method is all about. I rate myself as a good painter. Not a great painter but a good one. Years on the floor at GW stores, painted more than 8 complete armies to a high standard. 

I know most of the tricks and can surprise a few people with my freehand skills. At the end of the day I can hold my own. BUT... there is a big one. I simply don't have the time for that any more. A long time ago I could spend days or months on a project. Now my hobby is condensed into micro time frames slotted between, family, work, house, BS and crap.  

When I started playing Infinity this was driven home to me. Nothing is more intimidating or unforgiving as an Infinity mini. The latest sculpts are some for the best in the world. The detail is awesome. What really sets them off is the Studio Artist... Truly amazing stuff

Now... I came up with this simple rules

Due to popular demand (all five of you) here is the fury method of painting.
Step 1. Lower your standards. You are never going to paint like the pros or even if you could who has the time for that.
Step 2. Neat lines always wins. Get good at brush technique, watering your paints. Although I cheat a lot, neat lines will always help.
Step 3. Dry brushing is king. There are many levels of dry brushing. Used for good it can save you a butt load of time.
Step 4. Dip minis last longer and hide any shoddy work. I never actually dunk minis into wood varnish I paint it on like a wash. It's great stuff and makes your minis hard as nails.
Step 5. Don't be a tight ass and get good Matt varnish. If you don't you will pay the price.
Step 6. You can paint over Matt varnish. You can and you should helps make things pop!
Total time so far 1.5 hrs
So on with the show..        
Finish in about 2-2.5hrs
Under coat to suit. Block in be neat! 
dry brush light
Dry Brush L2 plus highlights. Be bold. Be neat. Use water. 
Handsome... Some would stop there... Not I.. I want him to last! 
Many many trial and error here. Learn from those who have done. Better than Army Painter
Bit of turps... just use it like smelly water. Dont thin just wet the brush
Sexy... Nice even coat like a wash. 

Look at the butt!

Let dry till its not tacky to touch. Tip dont test tacky with your fingers unless you want to have finger printed minis. Use the back of you finger. If it sticks too early if it does not well time to rock. You can do it if its a little tacky but not heaps unless you want a really rough effect. 

Best Matt Varnish in the game. Don't Breath it in... my god im still coughing it up.. 
Mini has nice pop. Now final highlights and dry brush where needed. 

I dont like the hat so I will go over with some highlighting love. 

Check it out... nice... .

Thanks for getting to the end. Leave comments or questions. 

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

I have been meaning to blog my hobby for a long time. I have stuff all over the net, so I thought it was about time I put it in one place then I can just link back to the blog to show people what I have been doing.. yeah I'm lazy... but more important really time poor.

Same old story, 2 kids under 10. Run a number of small businesses and for some insane reason I run Newcastle Legion.

Aside from all that I hobby like a madman and I want to capture it in one place.

Fury Method is more about the way I approach painting mini's and my hobby. I have been very active in the scene since 92.

More to come just wanted to.... start.

Small sample of some of my work. I will flesh out details in future posts.

Old School 2nd Space Wolf Army 1500pts

Legion Griffon Epic 40k

My Cult Army Project 1500 2nd ed 40k

 Stealers having lunch.