Monday, 1 June 2020

Space Wolf Terminator Captain

It all start with with WD112. A youger Fury would spend hours on every WD he got his hands on some more than others. It was a different age. No internet, no Google just images in a magazine. 

This WD stands out to me more than most because it introduces me to the Terminator Captain drawings by Jes Goodwin. 

That brooding face. I even attempted to draw this picture about a 100 times. After this sctech there were a few others mainly the same captain wearing different sleeves. 
But the same dark face. 

So during a discussion with my two other mates the question was asked what's your favourite mini of all time. It was a quick answer for me the Terminator Captain. 

It so happens that all three of us had the same mini but never painted it. So it was decided to have a good old fashion paint off. 

I have always been intimated by this mini. Always wanting to do it justice. 

This guy looks clean but man he was beat up. The next problem was what base size the old school 25mm where his feet hang off the edges or the modern 40mm for the larger terminators. 
You can see the 25mm on the left looks very under done. And the 40mm swallows the smaller terminator. So I went for nice medium a 32mm 
Perfect. The mini on the right was my test mini. I wanted to try a darker grey for the armour and use glazing to bring our the gradient, I wasn't exactly convinced of my ability to pull it off. 
under coat then a zenthial spray from the top down. 
then I went about working it to death.
At this point I told myself the armour was done. But... 
I wanted it darker so I started all over again. Thinly, Everson thinly building up the dark to light. 
Now I'm starting add colour and block it in.
I get asked alot about the face. The trick for this is 💯 under painting. I start with a grey base that's been highlighted from the top down creating the gradient then very thine coats of flesh till it sits right. Don't over work it or think it. Make the eyes and lines pop with some watered down brown ink.
NMM is the bane of my existence. I have been working at this for years and still have not come up with the right formula. I always tend to over work it. So I decided to try and make it pop more. Still not happy with it. Needs more practice.
Free hand time. I love this image and been an old school space wolf player it really feels like home. I wanted to pay homage to these markings. 

1st I went all out trying to recreate one of my all time versions of the mini. That didn't turn out the way I wanted. Some times with free hand you get it 1st go or you just don't get it. 
Arghhh. The checks went awesome. But the icon. Frukkkme. I just need more practice. It was the wrong arm anyway so I went digging found the correct arm and went for the captain logo seen in the white dwarf. 

Few.. now the tail. I have been practicing the tail for a few days. Just drawing it free hand till I knew for sure all the dimensions. 
Nailed it... Well sort of. I chickened out and went with a transfer instead. After watching a you tube on how to make transfers more realistic I thought I would give that a shot. It work out so well 99% of people think I free hand it. 
So that's looking mint 
i missed the right eye a little and I'm going to go back and add a little yellow to make them wolfish. After the voting was done my face won not my mini just the face. I will take that. 
There we have it finally made to a WD!! Well sort of this is part of
Few more shots 

Thursday, 14 May 2020

Spacewolf Version 5ish

Space Wolves were my 1st chapter before the wolf pelts and the Viking influence of 2nd 40k. I chose the grey from the back of the classic space marine box set, rolled them out in Rogue Trader. Then came 2nd Ed and oh my....

Well since then I think I have given this army a number of wacks to get them up to game standard even a little higher. 

This guy I touched up a bit back and was really happy with the result. 
I went through and touched up the lines but kept some of the original paint just because. I find it hard not to pay homage to how far I have come in my painting. 
I went back and repainted my original box set. This was a good feeling I won't lie. My 15year old self thanked me. 

So I started painting the big guy. Leman Russ him self but something was not right. 

Clean paint job. Good lines. He is a bit little.... The armour. It just doesn't pop. 
I was roped into a painting comp on with some old mates and not to be shown up I had to put in. 

But i was left with the problem of pop. So I grabbed the closest space wolf at hand to have a go at really putting in. 
I darkened the armour and really used the underpainting to get the effect. Its come up pretty RAD and I'm now motivated to give these guys some more love. 

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Uber Man..the Beastman

So I was challenged this month by 2 of my oldest gaming buddies to get a project completed

So I have had this rag tag beastman army sitting around for about 20 years. I did a few test units at my highest standard at the time then put them away never to see the light of day again till recently. 

What change? Well alot in warhammer. The Warhammer this army was going to be built in has been destroyed! Replaced by Age of Sigmar. 

One of the reasons I could never get motivated to complete this army was the sheer amount of grunts I would have to paint. With the advent of AoS this is no longer the case. 

It just so happended that I had on the side been collecting dragon ogres. Why??? Because back in the day these were the number one miniature. The apex stat line. The $49.95 per minature that 17 year old me could never justify over booze and food. 

As you can see I had done a bit of work on them.... That's like 2 years on and off. Even did a test mini. 
I went with the Fury method as I could spend hours and hours just doing one of these bad boys. You know what they will never get done. This way they are table top ready and if I want to go back and add layers I can. 

So the end result.
I got so excited (and covid-19 movement restrictions) I said "stuff it" let's finish this army. 

Over two days I pumped out the finishing touches. 
Heard stone. I did this a while back. Came out mint. Alot of the time I have no idea how I'm going to paint a mini but to get over the fear I just start. 

Not my best work. I will be coming back to him. The axe I'm going to try an marbling effect so it's not done yet... I could also lose myself for days on his skin.... He is done... Not black or silver... Not sitting in a pile of shame so be it. 
Minators were actually heaps of fun. The guy on the left is the original doom bull from 88 I think. I had to track him down and it cost me like $40! Well worth it. 
Doom Bull! His original arm snapped off so I was like stuff it let's go next level. I found an old high elf chariot and nailed it through his arm. Had to mount him on a higher base to give him more presence. He came out really well. 

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Well then...

Its been a while and looks like some of my pics have vanished. Too bad as I changed phones a while back so they are gone to sands of time. 

Still using the method and still have no probs with it. 

I recently bought one of a light box 
For $17 delivered no problems. 

The results are pretty dam cool. 
and boom my space wolves are almost there
The wolves were not painted using the method. They are painted the old school 90's style as God intended. 

That enough for now peace. 

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Infinity Dip

This was a tutorial I did on the Infinity Australia Facebook page. 

It really sums up what the Fury Method is all about. I rate myself as a good painter. Not a great painter but a good one. Years on the floor at GW stores, painted more than 8 complete armies to a high standard. 

I know most of the tricks and can surprise a few people with my freehand skills. At the end of the day I can hold my own. BUT... there is a big one. I simply don't have the time for that any more. A long time ago I could spend days or months on a project. Now my hobby is condensed into micro time frames slotted between, family, work, house, BS and crap.  

When I started playing Infinity this was driven home to me. Nothing is more intimidating or unforgiving as an Infinity mini. The latest sculpts are some for the best in the world. The detail is awesome. What really sets them off is the Studio Artist... Truly amazing stuff

Now... I came up with this simple rules

Due to popular demand (all five of you) here is the fury method of painting.
Step 1. Lower your standards. You are never going to paint like the pros or even if you could who has the time for that.
Step 2. Neat lines always wins. Get good at brush technique, watering your paints. Although I cheat a lot, neat lines will always help.
Step 3. Dry brushing is king. There are many levels of dry brushing. Used for good it can save you a butt load of time.
Step 4. Dip minis last longer and hide any shoddy work. I never actually dunk minis into wood varnish I paint it on like a wash. It's great stuff and makes your minis hard as nails.
Step 5. Don't be a tight ass and get good Matt varnish. If you don't you will pay the price.
Step 6. You can paint over Matt varnish. You can and you should helps make things pop!
Total time so far 1.5 hrs
So on with the show..        
Finish in about 2-2.5hrs
Under coat to suit. Block in be neat! 
dry brush light
Dry Brush L2 plus highlights. Be bold. Be neat. Use water. 
Handsome... Some would stop there... Not I.. I want him to last! 
Many many trial and error here. Learn from those who have done. Better than Army Painter
Bit of turps... just use it like smelly water. Dont thin just wet the brush
Sexy... Nice even coat like a wash. 

Look at the butt!

Let dry till its not tacky to touch. Tip dont test tacky with your fingers unless you want to have finger printed minis. Use the back of you finger. If it sticks too early if it does not well time to rock. You can do it if its a little tacky but not heaps unless you want a really rough effect. 

Best Matt Varnish in the game. Don't Breath it in... my god im still coughing it up.. 
Mini has nice pop. Now final highlights and dry brush where needed. 

I dont like the hat so I will go over with some highlighting love. 

Check it out... nice... .

Thanks for getting to the end. Leave comments or questions.